Michael is once again retired from F1 racing

At the Japanese GP in October 2012, Schuey announced that he would retire from F1 racing for the second time, at the end of 2012. While his time in F1 driving for Mercedes yielded a podium finish and a fastest qualification lap at Monaco, the lack of competitiveness of the Mercedes car unfortunately failed to live up to expectations.

Michael’s statement:
“Although I am still able to compete with the best drivers that are around, at some point it is good to say goodbye.” He also commented, “This time, it might even be forever!”

“During the past month, I was not sure if I still had the motivation and energy which is necessary to go on. It is not my style to do something that I’m not 100% feeling for.”

“With today’s decision, I feel released from those doubts. In the end, my ambition to fight for victories and the pleasure of driving is nourished by competitiveness.”

“It is without doubt that we did not achieve our goals to develop a world championship fighting car, but it is also very clear that I can still be very happy with about my overall achievements in the whole time of my career.”

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